The Netherlands

Game Bakery

At the Game Bakery, game developers and other creative pioneers work in the same way as a baker bakes his bread: skillfully, patiently and lovingly. Achieving better results through synergy and knowledge sharing.

Toolbox Emmen

We facilitate tools, knowledge and a network so that everyone gets a chance to to develop. We offer a place where you can make and work together, learn, innovate and do business. And if necessary coaching.

Carduso Capital

Within the business climate around knowledge centres UG/UMCG there is an increase of start-ups and initiatives to investigate the possibilities there to. The most promising companies will at a certain moment search for venture capital to finance their growth. Carduso Capital wants to participate in this type of companies by putting in, besides capital, also their strategic knowledge.


A Capital support with business angels.

Windkracht 5

Is a unique start-up programme from Groningen, which distinguishes itself by its personal approach and applied approach, in the field of consultancy.


BusinessNet Emmen is a network department of BusinessNet Netherlands, in which an enthusiastic group of entrepreneurs generate turnover for each other.

Zero To One

Accelerator and part of this consortium.


Advisorgroep is an independent consultancy firm for both the starting and the advanced entrepreneur. Advisors with expertise, who can guide you in all aspects of entrepreneurship.

Anner Award

The Anner Award is the competition for student entrepreneurs in the Northern Netherlands. All students from Groningen, Friesland or Drenthe with a business idea or running company can participate.


Backbone050 is the contact point in Groningen where young, creative and socially engaged talent establish themselves to create, (further) develop, network and cross-pollinate (e.g. theatre groups, sound recording studios, volunteer organisations, Internship placements etc.).