In the FAQ can you find all questions and answers about the Startup-EDR project

1. “Startup- Map”

Support institutions are included in the Startup Map to help startups in their various stages of development. These include institutions in the areas of “Financial”, “Expertise”, “Education”, “Network” and “Support”. In addition, startups can also be displayed in the map.

You will be added to the Startup Map through the registration process. There it is distinguished whether you are a startup or a support organisation. For both options, the name of the startup/support organisation, the address, the website link and a short description of the field of activity/task must be entered. Optionally, upload a logo and a company image.

To provide you a better overview and search function, you can filter the Startup Map with categories. The categories are “Financial”, “Expertise”, “Education”, “Network” and “Support”. You can choose whether you want to display all institutions and startups or only the German/Dutch ones.

The support database provides a clear overview and an easier search function to find all institutions displayed in the startup map.

2. Database “Support List”

The support list includes support institutions that help startups in their various stages of development. These include institutions in the areas of “Financial”, “Expertise”, “Education”, “Network” and “Support”.

The entry in the database is free of charge for all institutions.

By registering via the registration form (for Startup-Map and database). The registration process is the same and has already been explained under point 1.2 ( How to be included in the Startup Map?).

To be included in the database, interested institutions or organisations must provide the following information:
– Organisation names
– Business address
– Website link
– Brief description of the support service
– Logo and matching photos

From these data a short profile of the institution or organisation is created, which can be viewed in the database.

If an error has occurred in entering the data or if data has changed, contact Support by mail (

If you no longer wish to appear in the support database with your institution or organisation, please contact Support by mail (

The data from the support organisation database and the data from the startup map are synchronised, so all support organisations are displayed in both the database and the startup map.

3. FAQ “Founders Compass”

In the startup map you can filter by support categories. Depending on the phase of foundation you are in, you can contact all support institutions listed there. You can find these support institutions either in the “Supporter List” or via the Startup Map and the corresponding filter function.

Each founder and each start-up is individual, both in its product/service and in its development. The start-up roadmap is intended to provide general orientation for start-ups and to summarise the most important steps of the start-up process. Individual advice and support can be obtained from the support institutions listed in the database (Supporter List) or the Startup Map.

4. FAQ Datenbase “Event Finder”

By clicking on the button “Create a new Event” under “Event Finder” and filling out the form according to the instructions described there. To publish the event, check the data you have entered for completeness and confirm this by clicking on the “Publish” button.

Work is still in Progress. Please contact for more information

5. FAQ “Login- Function”

Upon registration, founders and start-ups have access to their personal start-up compass, where they can see their individual start-up progress and work on further tasks.