In the following you will find all important contact details for the regional support offices. Firstly the regional support offices provide founders and startups with a quick and easy access to important contacts in their region. Secoundly, the emails are the official email-addresses of the Startup EDR project. Thirdly, and most importantly, they can be seen as the local contact points for every founder. Moreover, each email is associated with a regional support partner of the project. Furthermore these emails are used to find contact persons in the respective region of the Startup EDR project. For instance, receive individual support, network contacts or simply a local contact point. In addition to that you can connect to other startups or person who are interested in founding a company. so if you are interested do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact regional support offices

The Inqubator Leeuwarden helps young companies to get started and grow. Inqubator Leeuwarden offers a cross-sector mentoring programme for young entrepreneurs and startups.

As an accelerator, Zero to one offers foreign startups support in settling in the region. In addition to that Zero to One acts as an intermediary for startup visas as well.

The Gründungs- und Innovationszentrum (GIZ) at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg is a central contact point for people interested in setting up their own business and for young entrepreneurs.

The it.emsland organizes events with partners and promotes startups and SME in digitization. Via the it.emsland startups with data-driven or digital business models can receive individual support. Similar to that, they can also receive support with platform business models. 

Building a broad network is one of the biggest challenges for startups. The Hanzehogeschool Groningen therefore supports startups through its international relations.

In addition to areas for settlement, the Wirtschaftsförderung // Stadtmarketing Emden offers events with topics relevant to startups, workshops and startup weekends.