Here you can download all important documents of the Startup-EDR ecosystem of the Ems- Dollart- Region as well as of the Startup-EDR project itself and its partner institutions. Besides regular reports about the Startup-EDR ecosystem you will also find a visualization overview of all partner institutions in the Ems-Dollart region.

All documents are available for download.

The Startup Ecosystem in the Ems- Dollart- Region

First report of the Startup EDR Project. It contains the mapping and the regions of the ecosystem as well as the methodology and structure of Startup Ecosystem.

Visualization of the Startup- Ecosystem

Visual overview about all institutions in the Startup Ecosystem of the Ems- Dollart Region.

Forget Amsterdam and Berlin - Start your business in the Ems-Dollart region

Big report of the Startup EDR Project. See how the project promoted interregional collaboration and development for startups within the Ems-Dollart region .