The following websites offer many guides & tools for business development. These websites offer good support in the areas of business model development, business plan writing, strategy development. They also offer support with various tools and guides for developing all kinds of innovations. The majority of the websites listed below offer free support services as well a the free access for the guides & tools for the business development. Some of the listed websites require an email address to be provided, but are also free. So find the support you need.

International Resources

Board of Innovation

Here you will find various tools to create business models, strategies and brainstorming ideas.

Board of Innovation

Here you can find various guides and samples about innovation or free PDF guides with sample templates and agendas.


"Hubspot" offers you different E-books, guides, templates and other resources to help you grow.


With "Google.Startup" you will find free tools, best practise examples, blogposts and various products that could help you to develop your business.

Founders Growth Toolbox

"Founders Growth Toolbox" offers you free Tools, Templates and Info Material.

You will find free tools, canvases and a variety of uses supportive strategy tools and clusters.


With "Clarity" you get access or the possibility to contact business experts for individual business advices for charge.


Ask the startup community anonymously about your special topics, help, issues or just to speak or write about your personal problematic startup- issues.


Find the best articles written about building great companies and careers, now fully searchable and discoverable in Frist Search.


"Logodust" offers founders the opportunity to access unused logos free of charge.

German speaking Resources


"Gründerplattform" offers you a support in Business model development with an interaktive business model tool, where you can invent your individual business model, based on other business models and key questions.


"Gründerplattform" offers you a support in business planning with an interaktive business planning tool, where you can invent your individual business plan, based on other founding examples and key questions.


"Gründerküche" offers Businessplan templates, Blogposts, Tools, Pitch Templates etc.


Many useful tools, Overview of tools for specific tasks, blogposts etc.

Gründen Live

With "Gründen Live" you can development an innovative, sustainable business concept through texts and videos on their website.