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in the Ems-Dollart Region
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in the Ems-Dollart Region

The Startup-EDR Project

The “Startup Ems-Dollart Region” aims to promote the cross-border cooperation of startups and young entrepreneurs. Accordingly the Startup-EDR project focuses on the border area between the north of the Netherlands and northwest Germany.

First, this website is intended to offer start-ups and young entrepreneurs the opportunity to get in touch with regional support institutions and mentors. Second, the focus is also on individual support for business models and their development. Thirdly, there is the possibility of gaining access to important network contacts in the region. Finally, all startup support institutions are located in the Ems-Dollart region and can be searched, found and contacted via the Startup Map on this website.

Startup-EDR Mentors 

The mentors of the Startup EDR project support startups and entrepreneurs in implementing their business ideas. In doing so, they provide support in particular in the areas of business model development, expertise and mediation of strategic partnerships. In addition, the startups and entrepreneurs gain access to valuable industry and network contacts through the mentors. Another advantage is that the mentors are distributed throughout the Ems Dollart region and can support you wherever you are in the region.

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The Startup-EDR aims to enable all startups and founders to receive the appropriate support from regional startup partners. For instance to work on their idea or develop their own startup project. Below you can find some facilities where startups and founders can find support within the project.

We have a wide partner network!