Through the mentors of the Startup EDR project, young founders and startups can access versatile support. The mentors offer support in a wide variety of areas. In addition to the comprehensive knowledge and technical expertise of the mentors, there is also the possibility to access the regional network of the mentors and thus gain valuable access to strategic contacts.

Franziska Kinzel (Oldenburg)

Do you need advice on your way to a successful startup which crosses the border? I am happy to help you. Let’s meet in a video conference and I will offer you support with your business model and help you connecting with interesting people and organizations all around Oldenburg.

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Lennard Drogendijk (Friesland)

Hi! Do you want to connect to a mentor which will help you think about your business model, vision, and your basic rules for business engagement? I want to help you set your objectives and to build upon your added value. Being the founder of Inqubator Leeuwarden and working in the field of start-ups for over 20 years now, you can discuss anything with me. And if I don’t know how to help, I know somebody else.

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Leif Conring (Emsland)

Hi! If you are looking for a mentor to help you with the business model, the customer perspective and the basics, I am your contact. I can also support you with the digital implementation of your  project and am specialized in implementing data-driven business models and digital platform solutions. If I can’t help  you with my knowledge, my colleagues or someone in my network  definitely can.

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Diederich Bakker (Groningen)

Do you need advice for your marketing? I can help you with your growth marketing strategies and how to get valuable input from your target market. With more than 20 experience in the Dutch and German market I probably know the right connections in the regional and international startup ecosystems. And we can talk about the German market characteristics and discuss differences between German and Dutch business culture. 

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Derren de Jong (Drenthe)

With me you can discuss your business model and your goals for the future. I am experienced with helping startups grow and reach their targets. Within the time that we will have together, I will listen to your needs and give you advice about business development, product testing, market acquisitions and anything else that comes to the table.

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Constance Reuvekamp (Drenthe)

I can help you with your pitch deck and business plan, support you in building the team you need to succeed, and I am able to provide you with useful connections – for example, in Germany. With my background in international business, startup entrepreneurship, management, and international finance, I’d love to support you in our cross-border programme!

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