The Netherlands


5Groningen tests applications using 5G. It doesn’t test the technology itself, but what you can do with it. We do this with partners from various sectors, including commercial companies, knowledge institutes and social organizations.


Triade thinks along with knowledge-intensive, innovative ideas, in an early phase of development, not yet proven successful, always with a view to regional opportunities and development. Always from an entrepreneurial spirit. Always together.


VentureLab is a business accelerator for ambitious startups in the Northern-Netherlands.

VentureLab Weekend

VentureLab Weekend is a 3-day-long event, where aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if their startup ideas are viable.


De Wolkenfabriek is a slide-in restaurant, which means that there are no permanent chefs, but that the ‘Wolk’ is a port for caterers .. So there are many caterers s affiliated with the WF and they can cook a day or evening or organize a workshop in collaboration with the WF.

Young Entrepreneurs & Startups (YES)

Young Entrepreneurs & Startups (YES) connects young digital entrepreneurs in the north of the Netherlands.

Young Business Awards (YBA)

The start-up competition Young Business Award consists of three start-up events in which the best start-ups from the Netherlands compete against each other to become the ‘Best Young Business in the Netherlands’. It is also the meeting place for entrepreneurs, professionals and investors. The largest start-up competition in the Netherlands consists of two semi-finals in Groningen and Friesland each year. Followed by an exciting final in Emmen. Every year, 1,400 visitors together visit the three start-up events of the Young Business Award. Every networking event of the Young Business Award is freeto visit. The winner will receive the crystal award, the title ‘Best young company in the Netherlands’ and the prize pool of 15,000 euros.


The ZernikeLab is the Lab facilitator of Groningen. The ZernikeLab is over 2,600 m² in size and is located on a site of approximately 1 hectare and has ample parking facilities on site. In total there are 80 parking spaces divided between the front and rear of the location.

Talentweb Groningen

TalentWeb Groningen (TWG) is a think and do tank of 80 young talents. A mix of creative and inspiring entrepreneurs, professionals and students, each with their own specializations in various fields. We think and we act. For the city, for your organization and for TalentWeb. Together we can make our city and province even more attractive. The City of Talent where working and living after your studies can be a matter of course.

Tech Entrepreneurship Community

The Tech Entrepreneur Community (TEC) is an association of entrepreneurs of all kinds of experience levels, together aiming to boost entrepreneurship and to lead the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs.