The Netherlands

Ondernemend Emmen

Their activities focus on technology & industry, international business, knowledge sharing, networking, park management and stimulating the local economy in the broadest sense of the word.

Ondernemend Hoogeveen

is a network of entrepreneurs located in Hoogeveen.

Ondernemers contact Noordenveld

Business area / network / entrepreneurial fund / platform


Entrepreneur media

Ondernemerskring Emmen (OKE)

meeting platform for Business-to-Business entrepreneurs active in industry and technology on the Emmense business parks; Bargermeer, Waanderveld, EMMTEC Industry & Businesspark, A37, De Tweeling, De Vierslagen and Pollux.

Provincie Drenthe


Rabobank Emmen-Coevorden

Rabobank finances through applications and programs such as Incentive Capital, Rabo Participations, MGF, Rabo Real Estate Finance, Innovation Loan, Crowdfunding, Rabo & Crowd, Qredits, Money Meets Ideas, Rabo Meet & Grow.

RTV Drenthe

Entrepreneur media

Growing Emmen

The Growing Emmen is a community and co-working space where entrepreneurs have the oppurtunity to reach their dreams, hosting events, workshops etc.

NHL Stenden Open Innovation

The Open Innovation professorship has the ambition that NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences develops into the innovation accelerator of the Northern Netherlands.