The Netherlands

Growing Emmen

The Growing Emmen is a community and co-working space where entrepreneurs have the oppurtunity to reach their dreams, hosting events, workshops etc.

NHL Stenden Open Innovation

The Open Innovation professorship has the ambition that NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences develops into the innovation accelerator of the Northern Netherlands.

Growing Global (by e.g. Growing Emmen, Zero to One, and more)

Open to all internationals in Drenthe (though also organized by Zero to One, so we could discuss this)


The energy transition requires cooperation. That is why the Municipality of Emmen, the Province of Drenthe, EMMTEC services, New Energy Coalition, Gasunie, Gasunie Transport Services (GTS) and NAM are jointly investigating the possibilities regarding reuse of the gas purification installation (GZI) in the municipality of Emmen. They do this together with parties such as EBN, Engie, Rendo Networks, Rika Greenpark and Ludan.

Health hub Roden

Connecting link between entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and the government focussing on medical technology and healthy ageing.


INCAS3 connects available scientific knowledge to industry challenges by performing multidisciplinary research.

ING Funding Options

Bank: Funding Options is one of the first platforms in the Netherlands where you can compare financing from different providers.


The Business4Students event aims to connect young people and entrepreneurs through a pitch competition, in which pupils and students present their entrepreneurial ideas to the coaches (experienced entrepreneurs) and jury.

Commercieel Centrum Assen

organize interesting meetings, facilitate inspiring lectures by members or third parties, and to arrange other legal means that advance our purpose, organize interesting meetings.

Commerciële club Emmen

The Commerciële club Emmen is a business club who organizes inspiring events for entrepreneurs, administrators and managers who focus on Emmen and surroundings.