G.J. Smid Fonds

The foundation’s objective is to support innovative developments in the industrial and craft sectors in order to promote and improve business activities and employment in the Northern Netherlands region, as well as to do all that is related to or may be conducive to the above in the broadest sense of the word.

Game Bakery

At the Game Bakery, game developers and other creative pioneers work in the same way as a baker bakes his bread: skillfully, patiently and lovingly. Achieving better results through synergy and knowledge sharing.

Girls who like to code

Girls Who Like Code is a loosely organized collective of women that code for beginners and expert professionals. They provide a place for women in Groningen to work on projects, help each other out and share ideas and information.

Glaswerk Oldenburg GmbH

Co-working space in Oldenburg.

GO! Startup Zentrum Oldenburg

Accelerator of the Technologie- and Gründerzentrum Oldenburg (TGO) which supports entrepreneurs with business ideas in digitalisation, energy, health, sustainability and artificial intelligence. They offer startup support programmes twice a year.


GOOE is a network for Northern Start-up scene in the areas of Groningen, Ostfriesland, Oldenburger Land and Emsland.

Grand Cafe Z

Co-working place in Leeuwarden


The Greenpac is an open innovation centre focussing on (green) plastics, fibers and composites.

Groningen @ Work

To strengthen the region economically and thus help as many Groningen residents as possible find work. That is the goal of Groningen @ Work , the program for the economy and labor market of the province of Groningen 2020-2023.

Groningen Innovation Port

Our aim is to stimulate and develop innovation and utilities. It is our ambition to create new business activity and economic growth and to improve the business climate in the seaports.

Groningen Ondernemingsprijs

The aim of the Groninger Ondernemingsprijs Foundation is to stimulate the Groningen economy by making excellent and inspiring companies visible and by offering a relevant business network in which entrepreneurs and administrators of government and education can meet.

Groningen Seaports / Chemport

Chemport is the incubator for green chemistry. It meets all the conditions that enable the sustainable chemistry of the future to develop and flourish.

Groningse Ondernemers challenge (social)

Grootste Kennisfestival van Noord Nederland

The Largest Knowledge Festival in the Northern Netherlands is a major event with the content of a conference, but in the atmosphere of a festival. There are lectures, sessions and workshops on innovation, combined with nice bands, theater, art and good food and drinks.

Growing Emmen

The Growing Emmen is a community and co-working space where entrepreneurs have the oppurtunity to reach their dreams, hosting events, workshops etc.

Growing Global (by e.g. Growing Emmen, Zero to One, and more)

Open to all internationals in Drenthe (though also organized by Zero to One, so we could discuss this)