Jongeren Commerciële Club Assen

Is an active and exclusive network organization for enterprising people in Assen and the province of Drenthe and offers starting, young employees and independent entrepreneurs its first network environment.

Junior Kamer Emmen

Is a network organization for young, active, enthusiastic and enterprising people aged 25 to 40 from different branches, professions and functions.

Junior Kamer Hoogeveen

Is a network organization of and for young, active, enthusiastic and enterprising people aged 25 to 40 from different branches, professions and functions.

Junior Professur für Female Entrepreneurship

Junior professorship at the University of Oldenburg which evaluates the effect of female entrepreneurship on economy and society.

Just Ventures GmbH

Venture capital

Kamer van Koophandel

Chamber of Commerce


Network organisation for the region North-East Friesland


Offers the opportunity for everyone to gain knowledge in the form of a series of lectures, debates or lectures.


Is an independent organization in South-East Drenthe that helps entrepreneurs by making connections between knowledge institutions, government and other entrepreneurs.


Is a cooperative form of cooperation for and by entrepreneurs from SMEs. Lend money to each other from a joint treasury.

Landkreis Leer

District of Leer Capital, Expertise, Network

Launch Cafe

We started the cafe because we ourselves were desperately looking for a place that inspires, where you can meet new people, where there are opportunities for your business, where you don’t have to sign a choking contract, where everything is arranged and where you can work with fun.

Let’s Gro

Let’s Gro is an inspiration festival about the future of the City and its surroundings. Thinking and dreaming together about what the future of Groningen could be like and showing each other what is already happening in Groningen and what we can achieve together in the near future. Groningen is bursting with good initiatives and innovations, and the potential is many times greater. During Let’s Gro we collect all the good ideas for the future. We hope that there will be good applicable ideas that will help the Groningen region to build a prosperous future from an economic, social or cultural point of view.

Level Up Coworking

Co-working place in Leeuwarden

Löwendinner (Cornexion GmbH)

The Cornexion GmbH Löwendinner is a networking event that primarily addresses medium-sized companies in order to link them with regional start-ups and thus facilitate profitable cooperation for both sides. At the Löwendinner, cooperation and participation is the focus of the event.

Luzac College Groningen

Private vocational – and intermediate vocational education.