Jonge Commerciele Club

The JCC is a close-knit and active network organization for ‘young professionals’ in the city and region of Groningen. Her goal is to bring young and ambitious people from the city and region of Groningen into contact with each other and with the business community or (semi-) governments.


Jet-Stream is the award winning streaming platform for leading broadcasters, publishers, sports clubs, events, studios, advertising agencies, video producers and brands.


Innolab Chemistry

Innolab Chemistry stimulates and supports entrepreneurship, and facilitates innovative initiatives.The facilities of Innolab Chemistry are suitable for product development in the (bio)chemical field.

Innolab Agrifood

Innolab AgriFood stimulates and supports entrepreneurship, and facilitates innovative initiatives.The facilities of Innolab Agrifood are suitable for product development in the biochemical field.


Indietopia is a game development hub in the Netherlands, sporting over 25 Game Development Studios and related companies. Indietopia gears towards the following goals: connecting indies; helping indies grow from startup to professional studio; creating visibility under the Indietopia label; providing affordable office space for developers; providing one professional agent for serious game customers; publishing of entertainment and serious games; giving workshops with serious gaming at its core.


Impact Noord

Impact Noord is an active and involved network of more than 50 impact entrepreneurs from Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. The association strengthens the ecosystem for impact entrepreneurs together with the business community, educational institutions and governments, by organizing activities and events, but also by increasing the network and visibility in the market and with governments.

Het Nieuwe Kasteel

Kasteel.gro, the new castle, is a breeding ground, a playground and a workshop for digital craftsmanship. Training, education, masterclasses, hackathons and conferences make the combination between working and learning.

Het Nieuwe Kantoor

HNK is a concept with workplaces, office spaces and many services for both freelancers and multinationals. A warm environment where flexibility and full service have a new meaning, so that everyone can (network) work.

Het Kwadraat

A collective business building that offers space for start-ups, scale-ups and grown-ups.

Hashtag Workmode

Hashtag Workmode has become the place for enterprising women who want to develop into smart and powerful entrepreneurs. Hashtag Workmode offer all-female co-working spaces with locations in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Groningen.

Grootste Kennisfestival van Noord Nederland

The Largest Knowledge Festival in the Northern Netherlands is a major event with the content of a conference, but in the atmosphere of a festival. There are lectures, sessions and workshops on innovation, combined with nice bands, theater, art and good food and drinks.

Groningse Ondernemers challenge (social)

Groningen Seaports / Chemport

Chemport is the incubator for green chemistry. It meets all the conditions that enable the sustainable chemistry of the future to develop and flourish.

Groningen Ondernemingsprijs

The aim of the Groninger Ondernemingsprijs Foundation is to stimulate the Groningen economy by making excellent and inspiring companies visible and by offering a relevant business network in which entrepreneurs and administrators of government and education can meet.