Ondernemend Emmen

Their activities focus on technology & industry, international business, knowledge sharing, networking, park management and stimulating the local economy in the broadest sense of the word.

Ondernemend Friesland

Magazine for innovative companies in friesland

Ondernemend Hoogeveen

is a network of entrepreneurs located in Hoogeveen.

Ondernemers contact Noordenveld

Business area / network / entrepreneurial fund / platform


Entrepreneur media

Ondernemerskring Emmen (OKE)

meeting platform for Business-to-Business entrepreneurs active in industry and technology on the Emmense business parks; Bargermeer, Waanderveld, EMMTEC Industry & Businesspark, A37, De Tweeling, De Vierslagen and Pollux.


Part of Port

The Part of Port offers coworkers, young entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers the opportunity to rent premises in the form of offices and conference rooms.

Pharma Connect Capital

Pharma Connect Capital invests in startup companies located in Groningen, Friesland & Drenthe with a mission to develop new drugs, drug delivery technologies, biomarkers or diagnostics.


Plantoor is a Boutique location for working, coaching or meeting.

Professur für Entrepreneurship

Professorship at the University of Oldenburg regarding entrepreneurship.


At the “Prototypenparty” ten prototypes are presented by their developer and guests are invited to test these prototypes and give feedback for improvements.

Provincie Drenthe


Provincie Friesland

Provincial Government in Friesland

R&D Hotel

An inspiring environment where, among other things, work is being done on an intelligent care robot, where scientifically proven courses for the promotion of self-management & well-being are developed, where a platform for innovative cooperation with China is being developed, where various games are being developed with regard to fall prevention, where work is being done on smart blood transfusions aimed at quality control and blood saving and where Siemens has opened an official branch to look at innovations in the field of imaging techniques together with the UMCG.

Rabobank Emmen-Coevorden

Rabobank finances through applications and programs such as Incentive Capital, Rabo Participations, MGF, Rabo Real Estate Finance, Innovation Loan, Crowdfunding, Rabo & Crowd, Qredits, Money Meets Ideas, Rabo Meet & Grow.