Triade thinks along with knowledge-intensive, innovative ideas, in an early phase of development, not yet proven successful, always with a view to regional opportunities and development. Always from an entrepreneurial spirit. Always together.

Universitätsgesellschaft Oldenburg (UGO)

Association which supports the University of Oldenburg. It offers e.g. scholarships. They work as a bridge between the university and the north-western region. The UGO connects reseachers with various organisations, companies and cultural institutions.

University Campus Fryslan


Unternehmensnetzwerk (Emsland GmbH)

The Unternehmensnetzwerk of the Emsland GmbH is a network of companies which, as a communication platform, offers the possibility of networking as entrepreneurs or founders of new businesses from a wide range of sectors and to exchange information on specific topics.


The “Unternehmensplanspiel” is a multi-day business game. It comprises the full business development process from brainstorming to financing and leading the startup after founding it.

Unternehmertreffen Nordwest

Association for entrepreneurs and business professionals to build up a network in the north-western region of Germany.

Unternehmertreffen Oldenburg

Regular event for entrepreneurs and directors to offer their services to other companies.

Van Hall Larenstein

Vocational Institue/polytechnic university

Van Hall Larenstein CoE

Vocational Institue/polytechnic university


VentureLab is a business accelerator for ambitious startups in the Northern-Netherlands.

VentureLab Weekend

VentureLab Weekend is a 3-day-long event, where aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if their startup ideas are viable.


Employers organisation


Grants for sustainable plans


Network organisation for water related companies


Test facility for water applications