Crystallic Business Park

Co-working space in Leeuwarden

Dairy Campus

Network organisation for dairy sector

De Drentse Ondernemerszaak

The Drentse Ondernemerszaak is an independent support center in which students of Stenden University of Applied Sciences work with your problem on an experienced entrepreneur from the Entrepreneurial Sounding Board.

De Drentse Zaak

The De Drentse Zaak creates Network meetings, pitch events and workshops.

De Fabriek

Co-working space in Leeuwarden

De Friese Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij

Investments on seed level for Frisian Companies


Organisation of the company of the year award Leeuwarden

De Kleine Consultant

De Kleine Consultant is the first non-profit student strategy consultant in the Netherlands. They offer small businesses, (local) governments and charities high quality strategic advice at an affordable, non-profit price.

De Noorderlingen

De Noorderlingen is a minor in entrepreneurship for ambitious students with their own business. 5 months of really working on your company or business idea under the guidance of professionals.

De Ondernemersfactory

The Ondernemersfactory is a physical place where (starting) entrepreneurs and ‘young’ companies are supported in entrepreneurship.

De Pijp (formerly Big Building)

De Pijp is located in an old meat preserves factory and furniture factory on the Boterdiep. In the building there are office spaces, fixed workplaces, flexplaces and meeting rooms for rent. Startups, self-employed persons and SMEs work here independently through which collaborations also arise!

De Puddingfabriek

De Pudding rents out spaces for every type of event. From meetings and symposiums to cultural festivals, from weddings or ceremonies to company outings or gala dinners. They can also arrange and take care of events.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a method to open up for and develop innovative ideas. This event is presented by the Innovation(s)werkstatt of the Innovative Hochschule Jade-Oldenburg.

Digital Society Hub

This is where students, companies, teachers and researchers work together on innovations in ICT, innovations with ICT in healthcare, energy, mobility, liveability and agriculture and related design and communication issues.

Drenthe college

tourism, events, office, communication, trade or sport

Drentse startup

A competition for the best startup from Drenthe.