Groningen Innovation Port

Our aim is to stimulate and develop innovation and utilities. It is our ambition to create new business activity and economic growth and to improve the business climate in the seaports.

Groningen @ Work

To strengthen the region economically and thus help as many Groningen residents as possible find work. That is the goal of Groningen @ Work , the program for the economy and labor market of the province of Groningen 2020-2023.

Girls who like to code

Girls Who Like Code is a loosely organized collective of women that code for beginners and expert professionals. They provide a place for women in Groningen to work on projects, help each other out and share ideas and information.

G-Force Capital

G-Force invests in young companies where ‘Digital’ is the heart of the business concept through the ideas generation in their Startup Studio.

Game Bakery

At the Game Bakery, game developers and other creative pioneers work in the same way as a baker bakes his bread: skillfully, patiently and lovingly. Achieving better results through synergy and knowledge sharing.

G.J. Smid Fonds

The foundation’s objective is to support innovative developments in the industrial and craft sectors in order to promote and improve business activities and employment in the Northern Netherlands region, as well as to do all that is related to or may be conducive to the above in the broadest sense of the word.

Founder Talks

Founder Talks is the talk show for enterprising Groningen. Four times a year, a journalist and the audience ask two prominent entrepreneurs from Groningen to take their shirts off.

Founded In Groningen

The portal Founded in Groningen aims to link the vast network of startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, SME-businesses and the corporates, in Groningen. They highlight the successes, showcase new technologies invented in Groningen and profile the city’s talent, nationally and internationally.

Flinc Groningen

Flinc connects innovative entrepreneurship and Startups with the capitalmarket and supports innovative startups with financing issues.

Young Business Awards

The start-up competition Young Business Award consists of three start-up events in which the best start-ups from the Netherlands compete against each other to become the ‘Best Young Business in the Netherlands’. It is also the meeting place for entrepreneurs, professionals and investors.

Fablab Groningen

FabLab is a digital workplace where people are encouraged to make their own things using different techniques and where the open sharing of designs and ideas is encouraged – they provide laser cutter, a CNC mill, a 3D printer, a foil cutter and an electronics corner.


Center of Expertise Energy contributes to the rapid transition to a clean and affordable energy supply. In their expertise center, scientists, students, companies, governments and social institutions meet each other to share their knowledge to provide innovations needed for the energy transition.

Economic Board Groningen

Entrepreneurs can contact them for money, advice and assistance. They offer future-oriented teaching packages for education. They help promising sectors of construction, 5G, ICT, tourism and green chemistry & energy to grow further.

Digital Society Hub

This is where students, companies, teachers and researchers work together on innovations in ICT, innovations with ICT in healthcare, energy, mobility, liveability and agriculture and related design and communication issues.

De Puddingfabriek

De Pudding rents out spaces for every type of event. From meetings and symposiums to cultural festivals, from weddings or ceremonies to company outings or gala dinners. They can also arrange and take care of events.

De Pijp (formerly Big Building)

De Pijp is located in an old meat preserves factory and furniture factory on the Boterdiep. In the building there are office spaces, fixed workplaces, flexplaces and meeting rooms for rent. Startups, self-employed persons and SMEs work here independently through which collaborations also arise!