BusinessMatch Groningen

The student platform for entrepreneurship at Hanze UAS is an independent foundation that selflessly motivates and stimulates students interested in entrepreneurship. We do this by organising workshops, guest lectures, master classes and pitch competitions.

Ondernemers contact Noordenveld

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Entrepreneur media

Ondernemerskring Emmen (OKE)

meeting platform for Business-to-Business entrepreneurs active in industry and technology on the Emmense business parks; Bargermeer, Waanderveld, EMMTEC Industry & Businesspark, A37, De Tweeling, De Vierslagen and Pollux.

RTV Drenthe

Entrepreneur media


The Northern Netherlands Alliance united voice from the Northern Netherlands. They are an administrative organization through which the three provinces and the four large cities in the region coordinate their spatial planning and economic strategy. They are a Management Authority (MA) for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). They are a network organization that enables businesses, knowledge institutes, regional authorities and civil society organizations to meet and combine their strengths to foster innovation – both in the Netherlands as well as in Europe.

NoordZ Groningen

NOORDZ brings professionals together on the B2B platform of the North of the Netherlands, where independent professional journalism focusing on current business themes comes together with stories and content from the heart of the region.

Ondernemend Assen

Ondernemend Assen offers members a platform for mutual meeting and business, knowledge sharing and joint procurement of products and services.

Ondernemend Coevorden

Is a network of companies located in the municipality of Coevorden and the cross-border industrial park Europark.

Ondernemend Emmen

Their activities focus on technology & industry, international business, knowledge sharing, networking, park management and stimulating the local economy in the broadest sense of the word.