BarCamp Digitalisierung

Annual event for digitalisation which is organised by several regional institutions. In a barcamp, each participant is invited to offer a topic to discuss.


Casual networking event for startups, entrepreneurs and interested parties of the GründerBOX at the Jade Hochschule.

Unternehmensnetzwerk (Emsland GmbH)

The Unternehmensnetzwerk of the Emsland GmbH is a network of companies which, as a communication platform, offers the possibility of networking as entrepreneurs or founders of new businesses from a wide range of sectors and to exchange information on specific topics.

EX-EL (Existenzgründungsintitative Emsland)

EX- EL is an association of regional advice centres for business start-ups, which aim to provide practical assistance for regional start-ups with a wide range of information and advice services as well as seminars, lectures and information events.

Glaswerk Oldenburg GmbH

Co-working space in Oldenburg.

cre8 Oldenburg

Network of the creative and cultural industry in Oldenburg.

Nordwest Awards

Award by the Metropolregion Nordwest which honors the most innovative ideas of the region. Additionally there are prizes for health-related and sustainability-related projects.

Wirtschaftsförderung Stadt Oldenburg

Regional economic support for the city of Oldenburg.

Wirtschaftsförderung LK Ammerland

Regional economic support for the district of Ammerland.

Wirtschaftsförderung Weser-Marsch

Regional economic support for the district of Weser-Marsch.