Exportclub Noord

Exportclub Noord is a networking organisation for international businesses. Exportclub Noord organizes events with an international theme and there you can meet other entrepreneurs with an international focus.


5Groningen tests applications using 5G. It doesn’t test the technology itself, but what you can do with it. We do this with partners from various sectors, including commercial companies, knowledge institutes and social organizations.

Löwendinner (Cornexion GmbH)

The Cornexion GmbH Löwendinner is a networking event that primarily addresses medium-sized companies in order to link them with regional start-ups and thus facilitate profitable cooperation for both sides. At the Löwendinner, cooperation and participation is the focus of the event.

Startup- und Unternehmerforum (Cornexion GmbH)

The Start-up and Entrepreneurs’ Forum aims to give new impulses to the Emsland region and mediate networks between local entrepreneurs and regional and supra-regional networks from the start-up scene, industry experts and investors in order to mediate between these two groups and create new food for thought and networks.

Part of Port

The Part of Port offers coworkers, young entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers the opportunity to rent premises in the form of offices and conference rooms.

ExistenzgründungsAgentur für Frauen (EFA)

Startup center which offers consultation especially for women.

BarCamp Digitalisierung

Annual event for digitalisation which is organised by several regional institutions. In a barcamp, each participant is invited to offer a topic to discuss.


Casual networking event for startups, entrepreneurs and interested parties of the GründerBOX at the Jade Hochschule.

Unternehmensnetzwerk (Emsland GmbH)

The Unternehmensnetzwerk of the Emsland GmbH is a network of companies which, as a communication platform, offers the possibility of networking as entrepreneurs or founders of new businesses from a wide range of sectors and to exchange information on specific topics.

EX-EL (Existenzgründungsintitative Emsland)

EX- EL is an association of regional advice centres for business start-ups, which aim to provide practical assistance for regional start-ups with a wide range of information and advice services as well as seminars, lectures and information events.