RUG Houdstermaatschappij

RUG Houdstermaatschappij BV (RHM) helps to launch knowledge-intensive companies by bringing scientific research results to the market.RHM supports scientists in the process of starting a business.

Screw up

Screw Up helps organizations and teams that want to innovate and get people moving. We break the taboo on making mistakes, make mistakes open to discussion and provide concrete tools with which you and your colleagues learn to deal better with things that go wrong.

Startup Assist

StartUp Assist connects startups, established companies and social organizations. The aim is to share each other’s expertise and network, to inspire each other and to learn from each other. The project is an example of modern sports sponsorship: not only seeking support for the budget of your own club, but also offering support to others where it is possible, under the motto ‘connect sport’.

Start-Up City

Startup City is an inspiring new facility for startups and scale ups of Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, and the University of Groningen. Incubator Cube050 and the Marian van Os Centre for Entrepreneurship are the first to relocate to this remarkable new location for entrepreneurship where students, entrepreneurs and researchers come together.

Jonge Ondernemersprijs (JOP)

The JOP offers a platform for this group of young and successful entrepreneurs. We are convinced that by offering these people and the organizations they represent a stage, this has an inspiring effect on the whole of the Northern Netherlands.

Let’s Gro

Let’s Gro is an inspiration festival about the future of the City and its surroundings. Thinking and dreaming together about what the future of Groningen could be like and showing each other what is already happening in Groningen and what we can achieve together in the near future. Groningen is bursting with good initiatives and innovations, and the potential is many times greater. During Let’s Gro we collect all the good ideas for the future. We hope that there will be good applicable ideas that will help the Groningen region to build a prosperous future from an economic, social or cultural point of view.


Maakplek is a place of manufacture, where you can cook, woodwork, metalwork , work on textile, electronics, rapid prototyping, design, code etc..

Groningse Ondernemers challenge (social)

Grootste Kennisfestival van Noord Nederland

The Largest Knowledge Festival in the Northern Netherlands is a major event with the content of a conference, but in the atmosphere of a festival. There are lectures, sessions and workshops on innovation, combined with nice bands, theater, art and good food and drinks.

Hashtag Workmode

Hashtag Workmode has become the place for enterprising women who want to develop into smart and powerful entrepreneurs. Hashtag Workmode offer all-female co-working spaces with locations in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Groningen.