Indietopia is a game development hub in the Netherlands, sporting over 25 Game Development Studios and related companies. Indietopia gears towards the following goals: connecting indies; helping indies grow from startup to professional studio; creating visibility under the Indietopia label; providing affordable office space for developers; providing one professional agent for serious game customers; publishing of entertainment and serious games; giving workshops with serious gaming at its core.

Jonge Commerciele Club

The JCC is a close-knit and active network organization for ‘young professionals’ in the city and region of Groningen. Her goal is to bring young and ambitious people from the city and region of Groningen into contact with each other and with the business community or (semi-) governments.

Jonge Ondernemersprijs (JOP)

The JOP offers a platform for this group of young and successful entrepreneurs. We are convinced that by offering these people and the organizations they represent a stage, this has an inspiring effect on the whole of the Northern Netherlands.

Let’s Gro

Let’s Gro is an inspiration festival about the future of the City and its surroundings. Thinking and dreaming together about what the future of Groningen could be like and showing each other what is already happening in Groningen and what we can achieve together in the near future. Groningen is bursting with good initiatives and innovations, and the potential is many times greater. During Let’s Gro we collect all the good ideas for the future. We hope that there will be good applicable ideas that will help the Groningen region to build a prosperous future from an economic, social or cultural point of view.


Maakplek is a place of manufacture, where you can cook, woodwork, metalwork , work on textile, electronics, rapid prototyping, design, code etc..

Young Business Awards

The start-up competition Young Business Award consists of three start-up events in which the best start-ups from the Netherlands compete against each other to become the ‘Best Young Business in the Netherlands’. It is also the meeting place for entrepreneurs, professionals and investors.

Founder Talks

Founder Talks is the talk show for enterprising Groningen. Four times a year, a journalist and the audience ask two prominent entrepreneurs from Groningen to take their shirts off.

Girls who like to code

Girls Who Like Code is a loosely organized collective of women that code for beginners and expert professionals. They provide a place for women in Groningen to work on projects, help each other out and share ideas and information.

Groningen Ondernemingsprijs

The aim of the Groninger Ondernemingsprijs Foundation is to stimulate the Groningen economy by making excellent and inspiring companies visible and by offering a relevant business network in which entrepreneurs and administrators of government and education can meet.