Wirtschaftsförderung LK Friesland

Regional economic support for the district of Friesland.

Glaswerk Oldenburg GmbH

Co-working space in Oldenburg.

Oldenburger Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum

Annual event for the discussion of female entrepreneurship. Open for all interested participants in economy, research, politics and education.

Jade Startup Tag

Annual event for students and university members who are interested in starting a business.

Forum: nachhaltige Modellregion Nord-West Niedersachsen

Event to discuss the future of the agriculture and nutrition sector in Lower Saxony.

Innovative Hochschule Jade-Oldenburg

Joint project of the University of Oldenburg, the Jade Hochschule and the OFFIS. By mutual exchange of the project partners with economy, society, public authorities and cultural instiutions, the aim is to boost the innovative energy of the region.

ZUKUNFT.unternehmen gGmbH

Affiliated institute of the University of Oldenburg which organises networking events for startups and companies. Builds up a startup incubator in Oldenburg.

Innovationstag Oldenburg

Regional networking event by the Innovative Hochschule Jade-Oldenburg which connects startups, entrepreneurs and companies to discuss and develop innovative ideas.


The monthly event “Gründer[space]” invites all startups and interested people to network casually in varying locations.

Zukunft[s]unternehmen Nordwest

This event is organised to support the collaboration of entrepreneurs and scientists. Each event is lead by a future-driven question which will be discussed.