Welcome to the Ems-Dollart-region ecosystem

A region where entrepreneurship and innovation connect us. What we’re establishing here is a thriving and growing ecosystem. A network of companies, educators, organizations, municipalities, and young entrepreneurs. A community in which all parties collaborate and support each other to grow. It’s your “smart” phonebook, through which education, events, companies, and start-ups connect.

In the EDR you encounter an international ecosystem that covers various regions, but without borders. We prefer to look beyond the borders and allow ourselves a whole new perspective on reality. Borders can be unnecessary, especially when they create tresholds and obstacles, even though they sometimes only exist in our minds. A border can prevent us from seeing how much we are actually alike. In the EDR, we are down-to- earth, stubborn, creative, and structured. We share a similar culture, have a lot of history in common, and we work hard to achieve the goals for a shared future. Here, you truly find the best of two worlds in one region.

Do you see the people in the towns and cities of the EDR jump back and forth on their trampolines? That’s what the ecosystem does. These people, your entrepreneurial family, help you as an entrepreneur. They support you when you need to go to another part of the region, because you are part of the ecosystem. You can see it as a push in the right direction. Thanks to this ecosystem, it is easy to discover new parts of the Ems-Dollart Region.

If you ever feel that there is no support to help you uncover your potential, you are wrong. There is always someone who can help you. Because that is how we got here to begin with: together. So, where are you going to start your new business? Right, in the EDR.