Terms of Use

The website is operated by the IT-Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH Emsland (hereinafter “we”). The purpose of the website is the coordination and representation of the network Startup-EDR (Startup-Ems-Dollart- Region) as a network of companies, institutions, educational and research institutions from the Ems-Dollart Region Emsland, Oldenburger Land, Ostfriesland and on the Dutch side the Province of Groningen, Leeuwarden and Drenthe.

These terms of use regulate the use of our website.

1. use of the public website

You are entitled to view, store, download and, provided that the source is acknowledged, to distribute, reproduce or make publicly available in royalty-free online and offline media information that is publicly available on the website.

2. network partnership and registered users

Actors of the Startup-EDR have the possibility to become a network partner of the Startup-EDR project free of charge if the below mentioned requirements are met. The network partnership is managed via the website of the Startup-EDR project. The network partnership is associated with the creation of a personalized user profile of the contacting party (hereinafter referred to as “representative of the network partner”) as well as a company profile. The representative of the network partner shall name a contact person (if the representative is not to be the contact person himself), who shall take over the filling and administration of the company profile. The Network Partner’s representative is the primary contact person, unless otherwise specified in the company profile.

2.1 User registration

When requesting registration, you agree to the following rules of conduct and publication as well as the privacy policy and disclaimers of the Startup-EDR project.

To participate in the network, registration on the IT-Axis website is required. Registration is done as a request via contact form on the website. Requirements for registration are:

  • You are an employee of a company, support organization or startup in the Startup Ems Dollar Region, which would like to participate as a network partner according to the requirements for network partnership.

2.2 Prerequisites for the inclusion of an actor as a network partner are:

  • The actor is a company, educational or research institution or startup from the Ems-Dollart region.
  • The actor with primary or significant business location localized in the region of East Frisia, Emsland or Oldenburg Land and on the Dutch side in Groningen, Leeuwarden or Drenthe.
  • The actor wants to actively participate in the network and clearly identifies with the goals, tasks and measures of the network.

2.3 Entitlement to join the network

There is no entitlement to be accepted into the Startup Ems Dollart Region, especially, but not exclusively, if the requirements for acceptance into the network are not met.

2.4 Duration of the Network Partnership

The network partnership can be revoked at any time by one of the parties without object. As a rule, the network representatives will only revoke the partnership if there is a factual reason for doing so and after being contacted. In the event of revocation, all company profiles to be assigned to the network partner will be deleted immediately. All further links between the former network partner and Startup-EDR are to be removed on both sides.