Oldenburger Gründerforum

Event for regional entrepreneurs to discuss business topics and grow their network.

Technologie Centrum Nordwest

Offices for startups and technologic companies.

Zukunftszentrum Technologie Nordenham-Wesermarsch GmbH

Technologic center to build up a network of researchers, developers and operators. The main topics are lightweight construction and engineering.

Start-up weekend 2020 Emden

The Start-up weekend brings together students, pupils and career changers with different skills and backgrounds. Organisational talents, techies, business types, creative an marketing experts form teams and achieve more together. Anyone who wants to can present a business idea at the beginning, around which the teams are then formed. During the weekend, the team validate the ideas, develop them further and create a prototype with the support of mentors.The best team are awarded prizes and sponsorship awards to pursue their ideas.


Institute for project-oriented science, part of University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer and carries out projects and business simulation games, which bare provided by different clients, with students from all faculties, therby meeting the expectaions of a practice-oriented education.

Refresh Groningen

The goal of Refresh Groningen is to inspire each other and help us grow as designers and front-end developers. But the most important thing is to bring these people together.


SMC050 is an initiative to bring together companies, experts and newcomers in the field of social media and technological trends in the region. The aim of SMC050 is to exchange knowledge, to keep up to date and to learn from the latest developments.

Meditech Centre

Place where companies active in the field of Life Sciences, mainly medical technology, meet. The Meditech Center offers entrepreneurs, companies and start-ups the space to be close to the knowledge of the UMCG and to make use of lab and office facilities. This shared accommodation near the UMCG offers companies the opportunity to share knowledge and experience in a new network environment.


Jet-Stream is the award winning streaming platform for leading broadcasters, publishers, sports clubs, events, studios, advertising agencies, video producers and brands.

Launch Cafe

We started the cafe because we ourselves were desperately looking for a place that inspires, where you can meet new people, where there are opportunities for your business, where you don’t have to sign a choking contract, where everything is arranged and where you can work with fun.