The “Innovation(s)werkstatt” by the Innovative Hochschule Jade-Oldenburg is a location to develop innovative ideas. It offers an open metal workshop, a co-working space and several creative seminars.

The Big Bang


De Wolkenfabriek is a slide-in restaurant, which means that there are no permanent chefs, but that the ‘Wolk’ is a port for caterers .. So there are many caterers s affiliated with the WF and they can cook a day or evening or organize a workshop in collaboration with the WF.


The ZernikeLab is the Lab facilitator of Groningen. The ZernikeLab is over 2,600 m² in size and is located on a site of approximately 1 hectare and has ample parking facilities on site. In total there are 80 parking spaces divided between the front and rear of the location.

Emder GründerInnenzentrum GmbH (EGZ)

EGZ offers support in the form of advice on setting up a business, events relevant to the topic as well as office space and laboratories for rent.

Zukunft Emden GmbH

Zukunft Emden brings together companies, specialists, initiatives and politics with the aim of further developing Emden as a business location in the long term. It offers platforms for information and further education, areas for settlement as well as opportunities for exchange within the framework of events. As a source of impulses and ideas, Zukunft Emden creates visions for Emden as a city of the future, especially with regard to the topics of digitalisation, new mobility, automotive, energy and logistics.

Startup Weekend Groningen

Startup Weekend is an event where attendees experience the highs, lows, fun and pressure that “the startup life” brings. In no more than 54 hours you can pitch your ideas, form teams and turn that idea into a business! Over the weekend, developers, designers, business and industry experts will learn what’s going on in a hands-on way. As you learn how to create a real business, you will meet the very best mentors, investors, co-founders and sponsors ready to get you started.

Noordelijke Online Ondernemers (NOO)

An exclusive group of established online businesses in the Northern Netherlands. Every quarter NOO organizes a meeting with the aim of sharing knowledge.



Plantoor is a Boutique location for working, coaching or meeting.